Hillview Peak 3D Floor Plan & Panoramic Tour

3D Floor Plan Layout & 360 Tour


Enjoy our 360 degree panoramic view of our 3 bedroom flat.

Look at the spacious of the living areas, and the quality of the fittings and finishes.



Hillview Peak 3D Floor Plan Model

These 3D models are the impressions of a 3D graphics designer, based on the floor plans of Hillview Peak.

The 3D models are meant to give prospective buyers a glimpse of the unit area and to visualize the use of space in the unit.

These models, however, do not take into account the material type and colour of finishes (floor, wall), nor the fittings that the developer is providing (kitchen appliances, wardrobes, furniture).


To see the real showflat, where we have 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom show suites, do contact us for a showflat preview invitation!

You will be able to see and feel the actual space and size, and experience the full 3.6m ceiling height at the showflat.

We will also explain and show you the quality materials the developer is using, and the branded appliances and fittings that the developer is giving.


Hillview Peak 1 Bedroom Layout

Type A2
517 sqft

Hillview Peak 1 Bedroom 3D Layout

1 Bedroom Perspective 1

1 Bedroom Perspective 2


Hillview Peak 2 Bedroom Layout

Type B1
786 sqft


Hillview Peak 2 Bedroom 3D Layout

2 Bedroom Perspective 1

2 Bedroom Perspective 2


Hillview Peak 3 Bedroom Layout

Type C3
1,098 sqft


Hillview Peak 3 Bedroom 3D Layout

3 Bedroom Perspective 1

3 Bedroom Perspective 2


Hillview Peak 4 Bedroom Layout

Type D1
1,249 sqft

Hillview Peak 4 Bedroom 3D Layout

4 Bedroom Perspective 1

4 Bedroom Perspective 2


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If you are interested to see the actual show suites and experience the spaciousness of our 3.4m high ceiling, do fill in the contact below!

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